sticks and string

Round and round the needles, making woolens for the growing little one. Here are a few soft wee things that have come in the last few months. Patience is easy when my hands are busy, and nothing is more satisfying than a miniature sweater and imagining the one who will wear it. blanket IMG_1602 little blue wasabi1 :: Super Easy Baby Blanket by the Purl Bee, in some type of yarn from New Zealand sheep. My favorite because it was knit with my favorite person, who recently has become quite the knitter.
2 :: Fancy Tiger’s Army of Caterpillars by Miranda Harp, Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky yarn, which has been in my yarn box for about a decade. There could not be just one, all lonely. Plus, there are a few babies coming who will squeeze these guys.
3 :: Garter Yoke Cardi by Jennifer Hoel, Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn, so so so incredibly soft and wonderful. I love everything garter stitch; it reminds me of Ms. Zimmermann.
4 :: Garter Stitch Baby Kimono by JOJI, Shibui Knits Sock yarn. The color is called wasabi!

eating :: my brother in law’s pancakes with maple syrup, finding out the cat likes them too
reading :: more Mavis Gallant
watching :: Cape Fear, both of them, and a blog that makes me cackle every time
feeling :: the air get colder, the bed get more enticing
listening :: Sharon Van Etten, for the autumn, Lou Reed, may he be looking down from a star, and Neil Young, always


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