pause to celebrate

Today Will is taking the last half of the bar exam. It’s remote for the first time ever, and they have many rules of conduct: no looking down, no writing, no going to the bathroom outside of scheduled breaks. There’s a camera and mic on him the entire time. So yesterday when one child came into the room next door to use the bathroom, the bar exam people could hear a little made up song about going poo.

Our house is still a disaster from the fiasco in October, but it’s repairs will be done very soon. We will be able to bake bread again, have our family over for dinner, put dishes in the cupboards. We are so lucky and grateful. My heart breaks thinking of people suffering from the erratic extreme weather in our country.

I think the way to celebrate Will being done with school, having a house and us all inside it is to pause. No parties. No vacations. Just sitting and breathing and thinking of the past 4 years and letting it sink in. And that will be enough.

I hope you’re doing alright, taking your time with whatever is at hand.

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