with open hands :: another stitching pattern

With Open Hands cross stitch pattern

Inspiration. One has to enjoy the times when creative inspiration is flowing, to bolster one during droughts. In that spirit, I offer another free cross stitch pattern to my fellow stitchers.

With Open Hands is a reminder to give and receive openly; material things, love, attention, opportunity. I’ve found that in difficult times, when I try to hold a tight grasp on anything, whether it be time, money, affection, that the situation seems more and more dire. And to release, especially releasing control, allows for new possibilities to present themselves. That’s the idea behind this design. That, and to honor the artists, of all mediums, that give their work so generously to make life for everyone more beautiful. Thank you!

If you do decide to stitch this, please tag me @theoilrainbows so I can see your wonderful work. I’m going to try to stitch this during June as part of Cross Stitch Camp hosted by Sheri, aka Colorado Cross Stitcher, which you can learn about here.

Take care, friends, and here’s to living life with open hands.

With Open Hands cross stitch pattern

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