sustaining grace

Today is December 1, 2020. A Tuesday. Our family has been living in a hotel for the past 50 days, and honestly, we don’t have an end in sight. We had water damage at our house, which destroyed our kitchen. Then our insurance company ignored us for weeks.

Writing this is not a plea for sympathy; rather, it’s a song of gratitude. If you’d have told me on October 12, the day we had to move into this hotel, that’s we’d be here for over 50 days, working and doing school and everything, while in quarantine, I don’t know if I could have mustered my faculties to actually take it on.

If you would have told me on March 13, 2020, that we’d still be in quarantine in December, that the COVID cases were, in fact higher, in December than any other time of the year, I don’t know how I’d be able to wake up the next morning. And make breakfast. And clean it up. And get to work and take care of my people and repeat.

But we didn’t know. We never know, do we? No day is guaranteed. This year has pulled back the veil, and honestly, I don’t know if it will ever go back. Nor do I necessarily want it to, at least not in the same way it was.

So thank you for keeping me in the dark on these things, whoever is in charge up there. I think it is in my best interest. And I’ll keep trying.

There’s a lot to be grateful for. Beautiful, precious family, friends, community, a great job, and, knock on every piece of wood around, good health. I hope the same and more for you, reader.

This photo is from last year, of my daughter, December 2019. You know the thing I miss most about being home right now? Hearing my son play the piano. Here’s to homecoming, very soon.

an audio present for you

For the past couple years I have made a holiday mix cd for my dear friends and family, and this year the tradition is continued electronically.   Previous editions had illustrated, silk-screened covers.  This year I had my hands full with some other great projects, and the holiday mix instead is available streaming on this wonderful site, or if you are the type that wants to hold onto it, you can get it here (no paper!  wait, but I love paper…).  The contents are a mishmash of tunes released in 2011, as well as older ones that are new to me, and all were the soundtrack to life this year.  There was help from a couple furry friends.  The human one helped pick tracks, and the feline one modeled for the cover:

01.  Luke Temple ~ Ophelia
02.  Wye Oak ~ Holy Holy
03.  Kurt Vile ~ Jesus Fever
04.  Clem Snide ~ Any Way You Want It
05.  The Morning Clouds ~ The Wrong Things
06.  The Raveonettes ~ Forget That You Are Young
07.  Wilco ~ Dawned On Me
08.  Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross ~ White Sun
09.  Washed Out ~ Amor Fati
10.  Widowspeak ~ In The Pines
11.  Lykke Li ~ Sadness is a Blessing
12.  Florence + The Machine ~ Lover to Lover
13.  Craft Spells ~ Scandinavian Crush
14.  The Kills ~ Baby Says
15.  Jonathan Richman ~ Lydia

Hope you like it.  Stay tuned for some other end-of-the-year treats and reflections.