Piss Test is a good thing

Piss Test is the garage-punk-rock-pop-buzzsaw-in-your-brain band from Portland, Oregon who so nicely let me design their new 7″ EP record sleeve. The record inside is excellent, available here, or better yet go see them live and grab some wax for yourself. It doesn’t hurt one bit that most of the band hail from Denver, or that they’re real cute. Tough as nails, but cute.

piss test

musical wormhole

It was long ago, a small city in Colorado, a bunch of wide-eyed kids huddled together in the local bagel shop, eagerly awaiting a show. We were hungry, because these kinds of shows didn’t happen all the time in our town, the kind with bands setting up their own tours, sleeping on your friends’ floor, selling records themselves. We usually got bands like Ratt playing for $80. When two men entered the room on opposite ends, both wearing white aprons splattered in what looked like blood, strumming ragged raw acoustic guitars, serenading one another across the crowd, I had no idea what to make of it. But I loved it.

Those two were Phil Elvrum and Karl Blau, gracing us with their ethereal presences from the Pacific Northwest. My education had begun.

This past weekend Phil Elvrum, performing as Mount Eerie, came to Wellington (!) and did a show at a great place called Puppies. It was a beauty. Here’s to being taken right back to the source. And being too shy to go talk to the guy.